Direct Investments

We explore investments in any sector or geography that address themes of community empowerment and environmental sufficiency.

We recognize that communities and entrepreneurs are the true innovators in designing
effective approaches to global challenges.

Our values are often best expressed, but not limited by, the following focus areas:

1. Just transition to a sustainable future

Companies and strategies that enable a more inclusive transition to a clean energy economy. Typically we seek businesses that democratize the ability to purchase, own or invest in clean energy, and/or encourage a shift in consumer behavior toward reduced consumption and an improved stewardship of resources.  

2. Re-connecting communities with sustainable, affordable and local food

 Companies and strategies specifically seeking to expand access to healthy and sustainable food, beyond the core of urban/affluent consumers that have been predominantly driving and benefiting from healthy food trends to date. 

3. Democratizing wealth

Companies that encourage local innovation in enterprises that go beyond job creation to truly transform people’s realities with respect to assets and power in society. A key areas of focus has been ethical supply chains, with an emphasis on transforming job quality and redefining the role of workers and suppliers as partners in governance and ownership.

4. Organizing and Advocacy

 Companies that help people come together towards common goals and build their capacity for collective action. Particularly we emphasize online strategies that lead to or complement off-line actions as well. We also explicitly look for companies that have the ability and desire to influence their industry through their public presence and voice.

We recognize that working effectively with early-stage social enterprises requires both flexibility and intentionality in structuring investments. Hence direct investments range from debt to quasi-equity, revenue-based finance, and ‘traditional’ venture equity. We often play a leading role in structuring deals that can both deliver a realistic risk-adjusted return, and ensure the long-term mission of the enterprise.

Please see the direct investments list for more concrete examples of companies in each impact vertical.