100% Portfolio Activation

Pi Investments is committed to a 100% impact investment strategy across asset classes.

Allocations include cash, debt, public equities, private equity, and real assets.

For every investment we diligence, we evaluate the manager’s commitment to impact and overall theory of change,
as well as their willingness to further develop their impact strategies over time, engaging impact management
practices above and beyond simple measurement and reporting. This is in addition to vetting every team and strategy, ensuring that strong financial discipline supports this impact.

To this effect, we look to apply the following set of questions as a framework across the portfolio:

1. Communities

How are local communities engaged in the process? Are community needs identified and incorporated into design, governance and/or ownership, in alignment with our commitment to the Transform Finance Principles?

2. Best Practices

Is the fund managing its assets according to best practices, as defined by industry experts, NGO's and advocacy groups in the local context? (e.g. best-in-class sustainability certifications, job quality standards etc.)

3. Value-Add

What is the social/environmental value added by the particular manager? How does this compare to the base case of the asset being held by conventional managers, or by other “impact” managers? Are they following, or better yet, defining, best-in-class practices--or at least displacing more extractive models currently in place?

4. Transition Plan

What is the expected transition (ie, “exit”) plan for the assets, and how will their social/environmental value be maintained?

We then examine the particular financial and impact attributes of an opportunity.