Investment Announcement: Cross Culture Ventures

As the US undergoes significant demographic transition to a majority-minority country, Cross Culture Ventures is at the forefront by discovering, investing in, and building companies that fuel shifts in cultural trends and behaviors within an increasingly diverse global marketplace. Successful 21st century businesses must solve major problems for large groups of people in order to scale – increasingly, low-income communities. CCV portfolio companies to date are addressing such problems: the democratization of affordable, healthy lifestyles, debt reduction, shared economies, and media representation for diverse audiences.

In addition to the firm’s focus on structural change, its founding team of three African-American partners with extensive business networks is uniquely positioned to identify, access, and support diverse entrepreneurs, breaking the implicit and unconscious bias in traditional VC of identifying promising founders, new markets, and impactful companies.

Pi was extremely impressed by the background and operational expertise of CCV’s team, headlined by Troy Carter, a longtime angel investor with more than 80 portfolio companies including Spotify, Lyft, and Warby Parker. Troy is the founder of the Atom Factory, manager of leading industry players like Lady Gaga and John Legend, which provides CCV portfolio the same consumer insights, business development, branding, marketing, and PR expertise that drive the entertainment business. Essentially, CCV portfolio companies looking to spearhead cultural trends are advised by the predominant trendsetters in both business and entertainment – an extremely valuable commodity for portfolio support.

Pi joins a strong network of investment partners including impact investors Calvert and Kapor Capital, as well as Google Ventures and Conde Nast, in its investment. Pi looks forward to expanding CCV’s toolkit of best practices and impactful portfolio companies in its next phase of growth.